Keeping Safe While on Board a Cruise Ship
When you are on the ship, ask someone on the staff to show you how to use one of the lifeboats. If your ship sails from an American port, a safety briefing is mandatory either prior to or shortly after sailing. Still, these briefings are likely only going to cover where to find your life jacket, how to put it on and what your emergency muster station is. Get familiar with the lifeboats so that you are comfortable with them mentally so you sleep easier at night instead of viewing them with apprehension as you walk down the deck. It is important to stay in the areas of the ship that are populated with passengers and crew. This is not just out of fear of crime. You are unlikely to get mugged on a cruise ship, since most cruise lines do not bother with cash economics on board in favor of their own billing system. However, assaults and sexual violations are possible for some. The primary concern here is just simple safety. If a sudden gust of wind sweeps you down the deck and into the ocean, if no one sees you go overboard, the ship will have no idea where to look for you once someone realizes you are missing. Cruise ships usually stop at places that welcome tourists, and local governments and citizens go out of their way to provide safe and entertaining locales to get your dollars flowing. Some locals, however, might just feel it right to welcome themselves to your dollars more directly. Travel in groups, and if possible, book your excursions directly through the cruise line. These excursions come through vetted suppliers and have certain protections and guarantees, such as the cruise ship not sailing without you. Make sure your cabin door is locked whenever you are in the room, or out. You certainly want it locked when you are out, so that only housekeeping can get in. You also want it locked when you are in there because most cruise ship cabins have deadbolts. Someone can potentially come in and block the door and do as they wish in your cabin without anyone being able to come in and stop them. Cruise ships love passengers that drink a lot, and there is always booze available on board. However, do not get totally drunk ever. You are on a ship at sea. Having impaired judgement can mean going overboard and drowning. Even going overboard and getting rescued a day later means a day in the ocean and the lifetime of trauma that comes with it. Also, there are sometimes casinos on board, and gambling while drunk is also a disaster. More and more vacations are taking place on cruise ships because everything is taken care of, from housing to food to traveling to destinations. Wherever you may go on one, keep the ideas and advice in this article in mind the next time you are at sea to keep you and your interests protected while you relax and enjoy fresh sunshine glimmering off of distant waves.airport taxis birmingham
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