Doing a Road Trip the Right Way
The first thing you will want to do is have your car serviced the day before your trip. Get an oil change. Check the tire pressure on all four tires. Rotate the tires if you are close to the due date on that. Check all the fluid levels. Have your trusted mechanic give your vehicle a general once over to ensure all parts are functioning properly and in good repair. Because your car will be your primary, if not only, means of transportation, you will want this peace of mind that your car has been thoroughly tuned up. It is inevitable. Sometimes you will hit something that will pierce your tire and it will go flat. Before you even check if your spare tire is inflated, make sure you know how to change a tire. If you don't, have a trusted friend teach you, or try trial and error yourself. This will ensure that if you do get a flat, you will be able to fix it quickly. If you are far away from a service station and need to do this, you will be glad you invested the time into learning. Without a properly inflated spare, your tire changing skills will be for naught. While your donut tire will not get you far, and you shouldn't exceed 45 MPH on it, it will safely get you to the next service station. You cannot change a flat tire without a properly working car jack. Make sure you have a jack, and make sure it works. If you have a functional spare, and the ability to change it, it will mean nothing without a car jack. If tragedy strikes while away from civilization, it will be imperative that you can act fast. Bring along a first aid kit. Some retailers like Walmart and Target carry all inclusive first aid kits. Usually, these will be sufficient to meet whatever roadside needs you will have. If you will have kids in the car with you, you may want to consider bringing some sort of entertainment. Whether it is a portable DVD player, or a portable video game, it is sure to save the stress of the incessant yells of are we there yet. Of course, you will want to bring a camera. No road trip is complete without hundreds of pictures cataloging your adventure. If it is digital, make sure you have enough memory, and if it is old school, bring plenty of film so that you do not miss a photo op. Road trips can really be an exciting way to spend time together on a vacation. If you go properly prepared you will be certain to maximize your enjoyment and peace of mind, and minimize possible tragedy.Birmingham Airport Taxis
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